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Mechanic with Diagnostic Equipment

For fast, efficient auto repair service contact Duffy Motors Auto Repair in Cincinnati, OH. We work with all makes and models. Our fast turn-around times and reasonable rates set us apart from the competition. 
Our professional team can take care of all your automobile repair needs. Duffy Motors Auto Repair is proud to offer expert, quick and efficient service so you will feel at ease that you have a vehicle that will be running in tip top condition! A partial list includes:
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Tune-ups
  • Oil changes
  • Fuel injection service
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Winterized service
  • Brake repairs
  • Exhaust and muffler work
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Oil Filter Lube
  • Safety Check
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Struts Shocks Replaced
  • Alternator and Starters
  • Batteries Interstate Brand in Stock
  • Timing Belt Replace
  • Coolant System Serviced and Flushed
  • Radiators Replaced
  • Water pumps replaced
  • Lights and Turn Signals
  • Fuel Pumps Replaced
  • Exhaust systems Repaired
  • Clutches Repaired
  • Wiper Repaired

*Our 3,000-Mile Service*

Our 3,000-mile preventative maintenance service is much more than just an oil and filter change. While we welcome a visit anytime, we realize that your time and convenience is very important . That’s why we’ve included some additional basic services that every vehicle needs, saving you time and additional visits to our facility. This service also saves you money since we’re performing these services during a single visit. This service includes:
  • Thorough Road Test
  • Visual Cosmetic Inspection
  • Oil and Filter Change
    • Up to 5 quarts
    • Quality NAPA Filter
    • Oil Upgrade for Nominal Charge (if optional for your vehicle)
  • Lubrication
  • Battery, Starter and Alternator Test
  • Cooling System Test
  • 111-Point Vehicle Visual Inspection
  • Check Tires and Adjust to Proper Pressure
  • Review of Current “Good Conditions”
  • Review of Possible Needed Services Based Upon Current Condition
  • Review Any Services Recommended by Your Vehicle Manufacturer



*Preventative Maintenance Services*


Based upon your vehicle, the manufacturer may require other preventative maintenance services in order to maintain its reliability. If you have a new vehicle, then performing the specific service based upon your owner’s manual will ensure that your new vehicle warranty remains in effect.

For any of the following services, we can help you determine if and when one or more of these may be needed for your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid Exchange (Automatic)

Some vehicle manufacturers require that you change your transmission fluid at certain mileage intervals under normal driving conditions.   If you use your vehicle for towing or in extreme driving conditions, then this service will likely be needed sooner than what your owner’s manual indicates. Performing this service can help extend the life of your transmission by replacing worn fluid and ensuring smooth operation.

Cooling System Fluid Exchange

Your cooling system removes the heat from your engine and helps maintain it at an optimal running temperature. Again, some vehicle manufacturers specify when the coolant should be replaced under normal driving conditions. Coolant becomes contaminated over time and can actually cause damage at certain engine components. Performing this service regularly will ensure proper operating conditions. While some coolant may be “guaranteed” for 100,000, the guarantee doesn’t cover damage to components caused by contamination! We’ll make sure that this service is recommended to you when it’s needed.

Air Conditioning Service

One of the major contaminants within an air conditioning system today is actually air! A small leak in the system allows Freon to escape,allowing air into the system. In short, air in the system causes it not to work as it’s supposed to – meaning that there will be less and less cold air available when you need it. Today’s air conditioning systems also work when using your heater.

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

Regardless of the quality of fuel you use, how you drive or even if you use a bottle of the “in tank” fuel injector cleaner every now and then, you still turn off your engine. This is actually when fuel injectors get dirty! When you turn off your engine, the temperature under your hood and within the engine itself rises, causing a residue to form on the backside of your intake valves and within your fuel injectors. As the engine cools down, the residue hardens and, overtime, builds upon itself. This is one of the major causes of engine hesitation and a major contributor for poor performance and decreasing your gas mileage. The “in the tank” cleaners will help remove some of this buildup, but remember that the solution is diluted by gasoline and therefore is not as effective as the method used by professionals. This service is included within hour 30,000 mile PM service (level 4) but can be performed as a single service at any time. If you notice a hesitation in your engine, especially when it’s cold, we’d be happy to show you our service may be able to correct the majority of the problems you may be experiencing.

Top Engine Cleaning Service

Our top engine cleaning service cleans your throttle plate, plenum and intake runners (inside your intake manifold). Similar to how your fuel injectors and intake valves build up residue over time, fuel vapors also begin to adhere and build up on these components as well. Sometimes on hard acceleration you might experience you might experience a slight hesitation. Many times, this is the residue that has built up on your throttle plate, forming a “gummy” residue. Again, we include this service within our 30,000 – mile PM service (Level 4), buy we can likewise perform this service at anytime.

Brake Service

One of the most important systems on your vehicle continues to be your braking system. Your brakes are designed to slow and stop your vehicle. While there are many components to your braking system, friction material (on your brake pads or break shoes) is designed to wear for smooth operation, yet provide the braking force needed to operate properly. Many of our PM services include a brake inspection of these components.It’s always better to perform a simple preventative maintenance repair by having your brake pads or shoes replaced before metal components come in contact with one another, causing severe damage and increasing the cost of your repair. Our professional technicians will evaluate your braking system and we’ll be glad to review what is needed at the time of inspection, as well as recommended the proper friction material.

Timing Belt Replacement

Does your vehicle have one? What is it? A timing belt ensures that your crankshaft and camshaft(s) are synchronized. In other words, the time belt keeps these components (and those attached to them) in time with one another. Many vehicles today use a timing belt rather then a timing chain. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing the timing belt(s) anywhere from 60,000 miles to up to 105,000 miles depending upon the vehicle. We will advise you accordingly if your vehicle has a have the tools and expertise to perform this service at our location.

Belts and Hose Replacement Service

Your belts and hoses are an important part of your engine and other systems connected to them. Sometimes a belt requiring replacement is easy to see. Hoses may look okay visually from the outside, but most hoses actually fail due to breaking down on the inside. Additionally, with radiator hoses, it’s always best to replace both (upper and lower) rather than only replace the one that failed. The reason for this is that the other one is likely not far behind the other from falling, so we recommend replacement of both radiator hoses to prevent a future breakdown.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are obviously important safety items. Of course, you don’t really think about them until it begins to rain or snow. At that point, it’s too late. We always check these for you when performing one of our preventative maintenance services or with our inspection process. We’ll let you know if you need them so they are ready to work properly when you need them.

Battery Replacement

During our preventative maintenance services, we check the condition of your vehicle battery as well as your battery cables. If your battery needs to be replaced or charged, we’ll let you know. There are many electrical systems that can drain a battery. Our professionals will recommend a battery replacement if needed. Should another potential electrical problem exist, we’ll discuss with you our recommended next steps.


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